Any eCommerce business has four critical functions.

  1. An attractive, feature rich, user friendly and secure eCommerce website
  2. A payment gateway to receive online payments.
  3. A logistic / courier partner to safely deliver the goods to the doorsteps of the customers and
  4. A marketing and promotion plan to generate traffic to the eCommerce website.

Work with us to plan your eCommerce strategy, in areas such as,

  • Feasibility study
  • Technology selection
  • CMS, Framework selection
  • Selection of payment gateway provider
  • Selection of logistic partner
  • Marketing and promotion plan
  • Site maintenance

Why sell on multiple online stores?

As the sales for an online store grow, the obvious choice for a seller is to start selling on multiple online marketplaces like ebay, amazon,, flipkart, snapdeal, etc.

The benefits of selling on multiple stores:

  • Tap in to the traffic coming to the individual online marketplaces.
  • Sell on your own store to build a brand name.
  • Increase sales.
  • Protect yourself from unexpected interruptions on one store.

Why are multi-channel sales difficult?

When the seller thinks of expanding his business by selling on multiple online stores, he is faced with numerous hassles. Things that he had to do for one store now need to be done for two.

The list of such hassles include:

  • Log in to multiple online stores separately.
  • Create listings for the products on each store individually.
  • Manage the stock on each of the online stores.
  • Collect the orders for the day from each online store to fulfil them.
  • Post back the tracking information on the websites.

How we make a difference !

  • Multi-channel online retailing made easy.
  • Build a Client Database for future marketing campaigns.
  • Sell the same inventory on multiple marketplaces without the risk.
  • Print shipping labels using a cloud based system.
  • Monitor and analyse your sales with real-time dashboard and analytics.
  • Sell on 2 or more online stores, manage just one.
  • Get organised, sell more: Simple online inventory management software.
  • Eliminate manually entering the shipping tracking numbers, reduce errors.
  • Hire 3 honest hardworking employees, in less than the cost of 1.
  • Daily sales summary report hits your inbox at the end of the day.
  • Prevent losing business due to out-of-stock products.
  • Realtime collaboration within a multi-location distributed team.
  • Eliminate the bill book and manual book keeping.
  • Reduce mistakes with highlighted multi-item and international orders.
  • Fulfill your day’s order in less than half the time.
  • Create branded invoices to be more professional.
  • Create shipping batches to keep track of fulfilled orders.
  • Measure the health of your business with slick analytics dashboard.
  • No more copy-paste and excel sheets to fulfil orders.



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